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ESG Reporting and Compliance


       Sustainable Plant Design & Green

                    Process Engineering


Environmental Compliance Services

   ESG Reporting and           Compliance
  • Corporate Sustainability Program Development

  • ESG Program Design and Implementation

  • Resource and Material Conservation Programs Design and Implementation

  • ESG Reporting and Compliance

Sustainable Plant Design, Process and Facility Engineering
  • Process & Facility Assessments to make Plants Green and Sustainable

  • Process Re-design & Plant Re-Engineering

  • Design for “Net-Zero"

  • Design & Integration of new “Clean” Technologies

        Environmental          Compliance Services
  • ESG Reporting Services

  • Regulatory Compliance Services

  • Routine Reviews of Changing Regulations

  • Electronic Recording and Record-Keeping


EXERGY Design and Engineering's (D&E) mission is to provide industry and government a wide range of innovative, comprehensive, and cost-effective environmental services.

Exergy D&E brings over twenty years of environmental engineering firm specializing in multimedia pollution prevention and environmental compliance management programs. We offer other areas of expertise such as hazardous substance management, air quality engineering services, industrial wastewater engineering, environmental audits, and  regulatory training.

As engineers and scientists, we approach each project from a systems perspective. Our evaluations and designs combine detailed experience, state-of-the-art engineering knowledge, and up-to-date- understanding of environmental regulations. This ensures that all trade-offs are fulle evaluated and that all engineering and financial requirements are satisfied.


In our strive for industrial modernization and energy efficiency, we consider all feasible alternatives such as, process modification and chemical substitution, among others. Exergy D&E's highly experienced personnel, and their ability to work with clients remain the key to our approach. Exergy D&E's Team consists of a number of seasoned professionals with experience in design and construction management of pollution control and prevention systems. Their industrial experience covers a number of industries, such as aerospace, chemicals, textiles, food, military installations, metal finishing, tannery, steel, and paints and coatings, to name a few.



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We at EXERGY Design and Engineering value our partnership 

with over 100 clients who entrust us to help make their  vision a reality.

Our clients range from the military to local water municipalities to cities and the technology industry.  




For questions or comments, please call: 800-929-1390   

or fill out the following form:

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19200 Von Karman. Suite 400

Irvine, CA 92612

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To apply for a job with Exergy D&E, please send a cover letter together with your C.V. to:

Phone/Fax: 800-929-1390
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