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EXERGY Design and Engineering (D&E) is an engineering and design firm with over twenty five years of experience in providing innovative, cost-effective engineering, plant design, process engineering and design services to industry and government. With a systems-based approach, we combine extensive experience, cutting-edge engineering knowledge, and a deep understanding of environmental and safety requirements, we deliver sustainable solutions for plant owners and factory managers strategic approaches in materials and resource use while improving quality and reliability of processes. Our highly experienced team collaborates closely with clients, ensuring all engineering and financial requirements are met. Join us in driving positive change and creating a greener future in manufacturing.


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EXERGY Design and Engineering (Exergy D&E) offers a comprehensive range of engineering and design services. Our expertise includes Closed Loop Planning & Facility Design, Facility Retrofits & Plant Reengineering, ESG & Sustainability Consulting Services. We help businesses navigate design principles to minimize environmental and ecological impact, ensure regulatory compliance, and improve resource use and efficiency in their operations. With our tailored solutions and expert team, we provide innovative and cost-effective strategies to create a sustainable and environmentally responsible future.

Green Hills


Industrial Process Audits & Water Recovery Systems

Lockheed Advanced Development Corporation (LACD)


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EXERGY Design and Engineering is proud to collaborate with a diverse portfolio of over 100 clients, placing their trust in us to transform their visions into reality. Our valued partners span various sectors, including the military, local water municipalities, cities, and the technology industry. Together, we embark on a journey towards sustainable solutions, innovation, and the pursuit of a greener future.

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