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Industrial Process Audits and Water Recovery Systems 

Exergy D&E conducted an environmental compliance assessment at six LADC finishing facilities, optimizing material and water usage in specific processes. The assessment also led to the implementation of water use minimization and recycling techniques, benefiting the client with improved pollution prevention, reduced wastewater generation, and enhanced wastewater management capabilities.


Lockheed Advanced Development Corporation

  • Design of plant-wide (six locations) pollution prevention and environment compliance program.

  • Reduction of wastewater generated from various manufacturing operations

  • Upgraded wastewater management system to handle projected facility growth and production requirements

  • Design of an effective wastewater recovery and reuse technology for use in process operations.

Lockheed Advanced Development Corporation collaborated with Exergy D&E on an environmental compliance assessment at six LADC finishing facilities, accompanied by water conservation survey reports for each site.


As part of our solutions, we proposed effective techniques to minimize material and water usage in specific processes. Notably, one project involved the design and successful installation of a vacuum evaporation system, facilitating the recovery and reuse of chromium-contaminated rinses.


Treatability studies confirmed that the high-quality water output from this system enabled reuse in the process line, while reducing waste condensate to a mere 1/50 of its pre-evaporation volume.


Additionally, Exergy D&E played a vital role in preparing a comprehensive engineering report outlining requirements for a single-effect evaporator, primed to pre-treat hexavalent chromium rinse waters. Our involvement extended to designing and specifying the unit, culminating in the delivery of final as-built design drawings to our esteemed client.


Moreover, Exergy D&E actively participated in evaluating LADC's prospective new site for a metal finishing production facility in Palmdale, conducting a thorough assessment of water usage minimization and pollution prevention technologies for the process line.


Furthermore, we undertook another critical project involving the evaluation of water usage in the photo processing and silk screening operations at a proposed new location. By implementing various process modifications and recycling techniques, we successfully recovered silver rinse waters and significantly reduced wastewater treatment demands for this manufacturer.


These comprehensive solutions delivered an array of benefits, including streamlined environmental compliance, sustainable wastewater recovery and reuse, and enhanced efficiency in water utilization across the facilities.

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