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Biological Purification

Our Work

At Exergy D&E we strive to provide a wide range of innovative, comprehensive, and cost-effective environmental solutions to both industrial and government sectors. With expertise ranging from meticulous audits to efficient wastewater recovery and expert engineering services, we have successfully enabled numerous firms to attain sustainable processes and uphold environmental compliance standards. Your organization can count on Exergy to pave the way for a greener and more responsible future.


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Industrial Process Audits and Water Recovery Systems 

Exergy D&E conducted an environmental compliance assessment at six LADC finishing facilities, optimizing material and water usage in specific processes. The assessment also led to the implementation of water use minimization and recycling techniques, benefiting the client with improved pollution prevention, reduced wastewater generation, and enhanced wastewater management capabilities.


Manufacturing Wastewater Recovery and Recycling

Through a multi-phase study, Exergy D&E designed and built a comprehensive wastewater recovery and reuse system, integrating micro-filtration, ultrafiltration, reverse osmosis, ultraviolet light, and ozonation technologies. The final design enables the reuse of treated water for steeping operations, benefiting the client with ongoing storm water compliance, wastewater reuse, and cost-effective analysis of advanced treatment technologies.

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Facility Water Use Reduction Feasibility Study

Exergy partnered with Neutrogena, a leading cosmetics manufacturer, to optimize wastewater practices at its Los Angeles manufacturing site. This encompassed assessing existing processes, metering operations, and proposing solutions for water usage reduction and infrastructure enhancement. Detailed engineering designs and cost analyses were provided for upgraded wastewater treatment and pure water systems, guiding strategic capital improvements. Through this collaboration, Exergy contributes to Neutrogena's pursuit of a greener and more efficient wastewater management system.


Nickel Closed-Loop Recovery

Exergy Design & Engineering addressed a common challenge in surface finishing, where nickel-bearing solutions from plating processes were discharged into rinse water, leading to compliance issues. The solution involved installing Exergy's innovative EthorCEL® system, which effectively recycles nickel electrolyte from rinse water, returning it to the nickel bath. With an impressive recovery rate of 90%, this system ensures compliance. It generates high-quality rinse water suitable for recycling, offering a sustainable solution for nickel plating operations in commercial, electronics, and aerospace manufacturing.

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Plant-Wide Closed-Loop Wastewater Recycling System

Precision Anodizing & Plating, a leading anodizing facility in Southern California, faced substantial operational costs and elevated sewer fees due to high water consumption. To address this challenge, Exergy implemented an efficient plant-wide closed-loop wastewater recycling system, incorporating our state-of-the-art Advanced Reverse Osmosis (ARO) technology and Electrodialysis (ED). The result was a remarkable 90 percent reduction in overall water consumption, accompanied by substantial cost savings and a significant decrease in sewer fees, establishing a sustainable and cost-effective solution for Precision Anodizing & Plating.

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