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About Us


About EXERGY Design and Engineering (D&E)

Exergy Design and Engineering (D&E) is a leading engineering firm with a mission to provide industry and government with innovative, comprehensive, and cost-effective engineering and design services.


With over twenty years of experience, Exergy D&E specializes in sustainable and net-zero factory design as well as a range of other expertise such as incorporating clean and green technologies for process-centric recycling and recovery, allowing our customers to work towards a zero impact manufacturing. Our services include planning and design for closed-loop plants/processes, new plant design for net-zero, and ESG reporting and compliance consulting services. In addition, we have expanded expertise to integrate our design solutions in real-time operations, retrofitting & modifications of existing facilities to achieve zero-impact


As engineers and scientists, we approach each project from a systems perspective, combining our extensive experience, state-of-the-art engineering knowledge, and up-to-date understanding of various regulations and global mandates. This ensures that all trade-offs are thoroughly evaluated and all engineering and financial requirements are met. In our pursuit of industrial modernization and energy efficiency, we explore all feasible alternatives, including process modification and chemical substitution to help our clients achieve net-zero operations.


At Exergy D&E, our industrial experience spans various sectors, such as aerospace, chemicals, textiles, food, military installations, metal finishing, tannery, steel, paints, and coatings.


We are committed to delivering sustainable solutions that not only comply with local regulations but also drive positive change and promote a greener future. Contact us today to see how your business can improve efficiency and implement sustainable business practices. 

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