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Great Western Malting Company 

Exergy D&E has worked with GWM in the past years to develop and implement storm water pollution prevention plan and a number of other environmental and compliance projects. Exergy D&E has also been in charge of monitoring for compliance and routinely conducting visual inspections as well as storm water sampling. Exergy D&E has also prepared the annual report to the Regional Water Quality Control Board for storm water pollution prevention program for this facility. 

Exergy D&E has been working with this major manufacturer of malt product to valuate the opportunity to recover and reuse the wastewater generated as a part of facility’s manufacturing process. Exergy D&E evaluated the nature of the wastewater contamination from the steeping processes and conducted a number of sampling programs to characterize the pollutants. Then Exergy D&E designed a small-scale pilot unit to evaluate some preliminary technologies. This initial study showed that the level of pollutants and the particle size distribution of the suspended solids require a more advanced filtration technology. 

In the second phase of the study, Exergy D&E designed and built a new wastewater recovery and reuse system that contained Microfiltration, Ultrafiltration, reverse osmosis, ultraviolet light, and Ozonation as an integrated package. Exergy D&E recently  completed about three months of pilot testing program at the facility, which allowed us to evaluate and conduct cost analysis

of technologies that can be included in the full treatment train, and those that should be eliminated. 

Exergy D&E will be developing a final design and cost estimate  for the proposed system. The final design will reduce some of the contaminants to acceptable levels to allow reuse of the waters for steeping operation. 

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