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Facility Water Use Reduction Feasibility Study

Exergy partnered with Neutrogena, a leading cosmetics manufacturer, to optimize wastewater practices at its Los Angeles manufacturing site. This encompassed assessing existing processes, metering operations, and proposing solutions for water usage reduction and infrastructure enhancement. Detailed engineering designs and cost analyses were provided for upgraded wastewater treatment and pure water systems, guiding strategic capital improvements. Through this collaboration, Exergy contributes to Neutrogena's pursuit of a greener and more efficient wastewater management system.



  • Reduction of wastewater generated from various manufacturing operations

  • Recommended measures for the wastewater management system to handle projected facility growth and production requirements.

  • Designed internal procedures to better manage and handle the facility’s operational needs.

Exergy was chosen by Neutrogena Corporation, a prominent cosmetics and personal care products manufacturer, to assess wastewater generation practices at its primary U.S. manufacturing site in Los Angeles. The comprehensive study involved scrutinizing diverse wastewater-generating processes and devising strategies for reducing water usage.

The plant currently employs an ultrafiltration unit installed in 1995, which no longer meets production demands and anticipates substantial growth in the next five years. This necessitates an upgrade to accommodate increased needs and address challenges with high solid content waste streams and surfactants from formulations. Exergy's assessments encompassed metering various wastewater operations to pinpoint, prioritize, and characterize sources of wastewater.

Furthermore, Exergy engineered a robust internal water management and handling infrastructure tailored to the facility's future operational requirements. Detailed engineering designs and cost analyses were crafted for the wastewater treatment system upgrade and the pure water system. This encompassed operational and technology costs, resulting in a wastewater treatment system uniquely tailored for Neutrogena's facility.

Exergy's meticulously calculated cost estimates have been presented to management, serving as a foundation for strategic capital improvements at the facility. Through our comprehensive evaluations and specialized design, Exergy is driving Neutrogena towards an optimized and sustainable wastewater management system that aligns with its evolving production needs.

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