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California State University, Six Campuses: Fullerton, Long Beach, Deminguez Hills, Northridge, Cal Poly Pomona, and Cal State L.A. 

Exergy D&E was contracted to develop in-depth air emission inventories to identify if Cal State University campuses are currently subject to the requirements of Title V Operating Permits. We quantified emissions from a number of sources at these facilities including, but not limited to, IC engines, boilers, laboratories, and paints and coatings uses. The project included on-site emission surveys of major, exempt, and insignificant emissions sources. 

To collect the necessary data to quantify emissions 
from each process, we developed in-depth 
questionnaires for each process type. The data was transcribed on these forms and then entered into an  Exergy-developed database, designed to calculate process specific and campus wide emissions, by source and pollutant type. The database also included a “Potential to Emit” element that can be used to estimate if a facility may enter the program in the future. Emission estimates under various operating scenarios were also developed for each campus. 

Other elements of this project, include: analysis of the regulations applicable to each campus operating permit preparation, and development of appropriate ongoing monitoring procedures to ensure regulatory compliance. 

By reviewing existing permits and annual emission fee reports.

Exergy D&E has continued to work with select campuses after this project to provide various regulations and Program Compliance support. Services have included Pollution and Prevention and Waste Minimization plans and projects.

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