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Nickel Closed-Loop Recovery

Exergy Design & Engineering addressed a common challenge in surface finishing, where nickel-bearing solutions from plating processes were discharged into rinse water, leading to compliance issues. The solution involved installing Exergy's innovative EthorCEL® system, which effectively recycles nickel electrolyte from rinse water, returning it to the nickel bath. With an impressive recovery rate of 90%, this system ensures compliance. It generates high-quality rinse water suitable for recycling, offering a sustainable solution for nickel plating operations in commercial, electronics, and aerospace manufacturing.



  • EthorCEL® eliminates the nickel waste stream which results in savings in wastewater treatment expenses

  • The closed-loop operation generates D.I. water out of rinse water

  • Savings in chemicals for nickel electrolyte replenishment

  • No need for concentrated waste treatment and disposal

Exergy's cutting-edge EthorCEL® system, founded on our proprietary and patent-pending Advanced Electrodeionization (AEDI) technology, has achieved remarkable success at a carefully selected metal finishing facility. This innovative system serves a dual purpose, not only efficiently recovering valuable nickel electrolyte from rinse water for reuse in plating baths but also simultaneously purifying the rinse water to recycle high-quality deionized water back into the rinse system. Operating seamlessly for several years, this AEDI system has proven its exceptional performance within an industrial setting.


Through the meticulous evaluation of operational data, we've crafted a compelling cost/benefit analysis that underscores the substantial savings achieved in chemicals, water, sewer charges, D.I. water makeup, wastewater treatment, and overall operating costs. In fact, the EthorCEL® offers an impressive return on investment (ROI) of approximately six months, making it a financially sound and environmentally responsible choice for businesses in the metal finishing industry.


This sustainable solution not only conserves valuable resources but also significantly reduces operating expenses, making it an exceptional option for environmentally conscious businesses looking to streamline their operations while upholding high-quality standards in metal finishing.

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