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Industrial Process Audits and Water Recovery Systems 
Lockheed Advanced Development Corporation (LACD)

Exergy D&E conducted an environmental compliance assessment at six LADC facilities and prepared water and waste minimization and conservation survey reports for these sites. We then recommended techniques to reduce material and water usage for specific processes.


One project involved the design and installation of a vacuum evaporation system to recover and reuse chromium-contaminated rinses. Treatability studies showed that the high quality water output from the vacuum evaporation system would allow reuse of the recovered water in the process line. The waste condensate from the process was reduced to 1/50 of the pre-evaporation volume. 

The client was able to properly and cost effectively manage the residual waste off-site. Exergy D&E prepared an engineering report that provided requirements for P&ID, layout, equipment, mechanical and electrical/control requirements for a single-effect evaporator to pre-treat hexavalent chromium rinse waters from this line. Exergy D&E was involved in the design and specification of the unit and prepared final

as-built design drawings for the client. 

In addition, Exergy D&E was involved in the evaluation of LADC’s proposed new site for a metal finishing production facility in Palmdale. The process line was evaluated for water use minimization and pollution prevention technologies.


Another project for this manufacturer involved evaluation of 
water usage in the photo processing and silk screening operations. This facility was proposed to be moved to a new location and the client wished to evaluate the water usage parameters. A number of process modifications and recycling techniques were instituted to recover silver rinse

waters and reduce the requirements for wastewater treatment. 

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